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Ask me anything   I'm from L.A. enjoying my days and making the most of what i have. by the way born in august of 1983. snapchat me if you'd like mjjr1983.


my imagination says yes, but my drawing skills say no

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I was enjoying this moment today world cup trophy

I was enjoying this moment today world cup trophy

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Slimer bJason Edmiston / Website / Tumblr

Venkman’s ESP Test by Kiersten Essenpreis / Blog / Store

Part of the travelling art show, ‘Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary’, opening April 19th and ending at SDCC in conjunction with Gallery1988 / Tumblr.

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A Latino goes to buy a soda for 75 cents, he puts in 65



The machine reads “dime,” so he gets closer & whispers “quiero pepsi.”


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Check out these amazing Drew Struzan inspired The Dark Knight Trilogy posters by alexanderstojanov. I may need to get prints of these for my office/home/anywhere really.

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